You want to know a truth about content marketing: nobody cares about your product or service

Entrepeneur 14 Sep 2021 09:00

Doing a strategy in the right way will allow you to have good results.

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One of the truths of content marketing , cruel as it sounds, is that nobody cares what your startup sells.

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"If your purpose is to create a content marketing strategy, you must know that your customers do not care what you sell, so you must focus your content on their needs, their desires, how they can solve them, letting them know that they are earning something. There are several techniques that help you to modify your content focused on your product to talk about the needs and benefits of your potential clients and acquired clients ”, comments Jorge González, partner of G2 consulting firm specialized in strategies for startups and scaleups.

For example, Semrush conducted a survey of 1500 marketing agencies for B2C and B2C companies in 2021, the results of the survey indicate that 84% declare having a content marketing strategy, 11% declare that content marketing is excellent as a strategy, 76% of companies have teams of at least 3 people for the development and execution of the strategy (which is not little) and 61% measure the ROI that Content Marketing brings.

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