Three Martech Failures That Are Holding Back Your B2B Marketing

MarketingProfs 08 Oct 2019 02:00

B2B marketing is saturated. You know it, I know it, and anyone keeping track of the ROI from their demand generation programs knows it. In such a competitive market, the only way to stand out from the pack is to constantly innovate the way you approach marketing. And over the last decade, the innovation that has permeated the psyche of marketers everywhere has been the switch from focusing on leads to focusing on accounts and buyers.

With big-picture marketing schemes to worry about, the last thing you want is for your technology to hold you back. In my time as VP of marketing at Marketo and CEO at Engagio, I've watched over and over as companies determined to implement account-based approaches were thwarted by the limitations of their marketing stack.

Top 3 Martech Warning Signs to Look Out For

Here are the most common issues I've seen get in the way of marketers' success; if you've run into any of them, then it's time to take a step back and rethink how you go to market:

  1. Siloed data. With B2B deals becoming ever more complex, it's important for Marketing and Sales to work together. But Marketing is often looking at lead-based data while Sales is looking at account-based data; and there's no unified view of people, accounts, and buying centers.

    Without aligned data, Marketing and Sales have a hard time communicating. Important information slips through the cracks. That's frustrating. But, more important, it prevents you from running integrated campaigns. After all, how can you work together when you're working off of disparate or conflicting data?

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