How Samsung is giving brands the edge with fashion visual search

The Drum 11 Oct 2019 03:52
Samsung worked with artificial intelligence based visual search and image recognition outfit ViSenze.

As fashion on e-commerce platforms becomes increasingly competitive, visual search offers brands premium placement and could become an effective differentiator both for discovery and conversion, according to Samsung.

Christopher Tarr, the director of mobile customer experience and monetization at the South Korean electronics giant, says the act of taking a photo and actively searching for it shows high user intent.

“For brands, they know that people are likely to be more than curious about the result, possibly wanting to make a purchase,” he tells The Drum.

“This makes image-based search a valued marketing channel, and Bixby Vision Shopping is a compelling feature, and something we can combine with Samsung’s other digital and retail channels to extend partner brand reach to millions across the region.”

To promote the recent launch of new Galaxy Note10, Samsung teamed up with Zalora at its Fashion Festival to showcase how Bixby Vision Shopping can allow people to snap a picture and immediately search for a similar style directly through the camera app.

Samsung worked with artificial intelligence based visual search and image recognition outfit ViSenze to implement a promotional framework that sat within its existing product and provided a look and feel that it felt its users would love.

“Originally, we sat down with ViSenze and brainstormed how we could collaborate with one or more top retailers to drive awareness and usage of Bixby Vision Shopping,” explains Tarr.

He adds: “As a technology company, Samsung is always about how we can take advantage of technology to better lives and enhance lifestyles. The collaboration with Zalora is an ideal platform for us to showcase how online shopping has evolved thanks to technology like Bixby Vision and how this opens doors for new ways of fashion shopping that are previously unimaginable.”

However, he admits the challenge was learning how to collaborate effectively as all parties were working together for the first time, so that Samsung could offer users something special.

“It was thanks to Visenze that we were able to effectively surface Zalora's clothes within the search results which helped drive value for the retailer.”

Visual search is part of Samsung's intention to pivot the business to target “Gen Z”, as it remains wary of influencer marketing, as Samsung's global marketing boss Younghee Lee previously stated to The Drum.

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