Why TikTok has come of age during the COVID crisis

What's New in Publishing 23 Sep 2020 07:30


As COVID-19 continues to disrupt business and society, TikTok provides an engaging platform for publishers to reconnect with a new generation of customers. 

With 10 million users in the UK, TikTok is the ‘big thing’ in social media. A truly viral content factory, TikTok is mainly aimed at Generations Z and Y with an audience that skews female: 59% of users in the UK. While its global reach is far below that of Facebook or Instagram, TikTok is developing into a fast-growing network for beauty, retail, fast-moving consumer goods and entertainment.

Far from hampering the network, COVID-19 has accelerated its rise. This has been the case for most social networks during lockdown, but TikTok’s growth has managed to outpace the competition. Between 23rd and 29th March, content consumption rocketed by 86% and average engagement by 75% as old and new users flocked to the platform. 

TikTok is now firmly established within the global digital landscape, confirming its status as a powerful communication outlet for publishers targeting the 15-25 demographic. TikTok can be a powerful tool for titles who know their way around it. However, first they need to understand its unique user base and the built-in features that enable them to hit the widest potential market.

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