‘Flying isn’t all that necessary’: Grounded business execs express relief at suspension of non-stop travel

Digiday 12 Jan 2021 05:01
January 12, 2021 by Suzanne Bearne

“At first I loved traveling all the time,” recalled Preeti Chotai, a London-based beauty trends and innovation expert who used to fly every few weeks to meet clients such as L’Oréal and Coty, and attend events in glamorous-sounding locations like Miami, Bologna and Brazil.

“But then I was always overwhelmed and constantly saying ‘I’m exhausted’,” she said. “Even if it was just an hour to Germany, the hour time difference, the going through airports on both sides led to unbelievable tiredness… just for a 60-minute presentation.”

Like many frequent flyers, Chotai’s business travel has grounded to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. She hasn’t flown for work since March 2020, with presentations now taking place via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  

Bill Gates has predicted that business travel will halve. The environmental benefits of that are clear: A long-haul flight produces more carbon emissions than the average person generates in a year, according to analysis by the Guardian. But it’s also proved much-needed relief for those who have spent their life living out of a suitcase.

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