67% consumers likely to engage with ads on trusted publisher sites: Contextual advertising promises better revenue and control

What's New in Publishing 24 Sep 2020 08:37

Content consumption has doubled during the pandemic. It is up from 3 hours 17 minutes per day, to 6 hours 59 minutes, according to a new report by media measurement company DoubleVerify. 

The growth happened across every content type and channel surveyed. Social platforms saw the biggest surge in consumption (48%) followed by digital news (47%). 

Source: Four Fundamental Shifts in Media and Advertising During 2020

The report, “Four Fundamental Shifts in Media and Advertising During 2020” is based on an in-depth study of changes in people’s digital habits during the pandemic. It’s based on responses of more than 10,000 consumers across France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US.

Acceleration of subscription revenue growth

Readers worldwide are now placing increasing importance on trusted news sources. Around 24% have newly subscribed to a free publication to access trusted information in the last few months, the study found. 

In part, this is due to the increasing importance consumers place on keeping pace with the fast-evolving news cycle, and recognition of the need to avoid fake or inflammatory news. 

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