The long game vs. the short gain: Everyday struggle at newsrooms

What's New in Publishing 30 Apr 2021 08:15

How much time should your newsroom spend on creating lasting value and how much on peak news events? The answer is less straightforward than this author thought.

I believe each media manager has a certain kind of struggle that he or she has to struggle with on a daily or weekly basis. For a lack of a better topic this week I wanted to address mine: evergreen content vs. time-sensitive content (i.e. news).

Depending on the newsroom you work at, this might be a bigger or smaller issue, but bear with me, there are some lessons for everyone here (me including).

The most engaging stories: No clear trend

The web analytics company Chartbeat publishes each year a list of the most engaging stories. Last year’s list was topped by the 50-min. read (a true longform) from The AtlanticWhat Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane.

When looking at the other editions (201820172016), there is no clear trend that the most engaging story of the year is a long-form, possibly worth reading in ten years from now.

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