Publisher Assistance Package - Better than Paper are offering publishers a “Quick Launch” package for digital magazines and newspapers

News and Insights 02 Apr 2020 02:31

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During this unprecedented lockdown, Better than Paper understand the pressures publishers are facing in this pandemic. To mitigate disruption of supply chains, sales and distribution - appropriate digital tools could offer a solution to help manage these challenges.

In order to keep costs down and ensure distribution, Better than Paper would like to offer publishers a limited 50% discount offer to quickly migrate their print publications to digital. To help during this period in addition to the discount, we can offer staggered or deferred payments for your digital magazine or newspaper.

Our platform is quick and easy to set up, available on all devices and we will provide the design, hosting, tech support and ad integration. With our cloud based solution and collaborative tools baked in, we enable remote teams to publish the magazine through our intuitive CMS. Our self-service solution allows you to design magazines with ease – training takes up to an hour and we are on call throughout the day to support you.

Quick launch process for digital magazines and newspapers

BTP timeline for app and wesbite edited-3

View live publications in the links below...

We are currently working with DC Thomson, Mortons Media Group, Peebles Media and many more to provide a digital solution to their publishing methods


Press and Journal

Scottish Grocer

Play Store 

Press and Journal

Scottish Grocer


What Mobile

Mobile News


For more information about our publishing solution download the PDF pack below

Publisher Overview .pdf

If you have any questions regarding this offer, we are happy to talk you through options on how we can help.

Contact a member of the team for more information


DC ThomsponMortons Media Group
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