‘It’s easy to put your name on something’: Hollister on why owning, not sponsoring esports events is working for its brand

Digiday 30 Apr 2021 04:01
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April 30, 2021 by Seb Joseph

When it comes to esports, some advertisers see themselves more like a commissioner than a sponsor.

Clothing retailer Hollister is joining a growing list of advertisers that include Budweiser Lite and Wendy’s that aren’t content with playing the role of the free-spending sponsor. They’re trying to build their own mini-events around some of the most popular titles as a way to avoid coming across as cold, corporate sponsors to a gaming audience notorious for being ad-resistant.

Hollister has been running a month-long Fortnite tournament, created in partnership with agency Tripleclix, to promote a new range of clothing for gamers. This new collection is available at Hollister stores globally and online and includes graphic tees, shorts, loungewear, windbreakers and socks.

The tournament itself sees participants partner with one another to form a duo that goes on to compete for a range of prizes including Hollister gift cards, Fortnite V-bucks and a personalized gaming hoodie from the retailer’s collection. 

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