5 keys to making quality media sustainable

What's New in Publishing 14 Sep 2021 08:09

Author’s note: this post is a summary of remarks I made in a Zoom presentation for the Free University of Brussels and the technology research center IMEC.

This research started when our colleague told us he was worried about the future of quality media. He saw traditional media failing as businesses because they were not responding effectively to the challenge from digital media.

This occurred at one of our informal weekly coffee sessions two years ago in the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarra. So two of us, Mercedes Medina Laveron and I, decided to take up the challenge from our worried colleague–Alfonso Sanchez Tabernero, who is also the rector of the university–to see if we could identify some solutions for the industry, some promising paths forward.

And, as happens at universities, the result was a paper.

The three of us ultimately identified 20 examples of sustainable quality journalism from four regions–Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the US, and Latin America. Then we examined the elements of their business models to see if there were promising paths forward

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