Four Ways to Reduce Churn and Create a Companywide Culture of Customer Success

MarketingProfs 13 Oct 2021 02:00

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Here's a quick litmus test for potential customer churn: When was the last time you texted a customer? Yesterday? Two months ago? Never?

If you're not on a texting basis with customers, your company is just another vendor—one of many that your customers communicate with strictly over email and via scheduled meetings.

In short, you likely do not have a trusted adviser relationship, which means the risk of customer churn is higher.

So how can you become a customer's most valuable vendor and prevent churn?

It's the entire company's responsibility. Even if your company has customer success and account management teams, that is not enough. Marketing, Support, Sales, and even Engineering all have important roles to play in preventing or reducing customer churn.

Here are four things to focus on.

1. Actively vet your leads

Reducing churn starts before a company becomes your customer. Marketing needs to be laser-focused on generating leads that fit your ideal customer profile. Even if Marketing already does that, it's inevitable that some poor-fit leads will still be generated and passed along to Sales.

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