Driving business through effective engagement

Fourth Source 11 Feb 2019 09:00

Mass marketing is no longer effective in a B2B marketplace. A marketing strategy which ignores the differences between market segments and buying personas can’t be expected to work. A consumer’s buying journey is no longer what it once was — with use of the internet and social media, a buyer is well entrenched on their journey before they even think of engaging with your business.

Additionally, customers want to be approached as individuals. What that means to us marketers, is finding a way to engage with customers which adds value and insight to their buying decisions. Not an easy task to accomplish, but one that ensures the marketing function is central to your business and contributing to the bottom line.

However, when faced with new technology to achieve this, many marketers may resist through fear of failure or apprehension. But as the old approaches are no longer working, it seems fortuitous that there is a way to improve both customer engagement and conversion rates. The trick is to engage with them where they’re most responsive to your messaging and this may involve doing things differently than before.

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