Q&A: Lotame’s Cartographer solves people-based ID with the graph of all graphs

What's New in Publishing 02 Dec 2019 06:10

Founded in 2006 by CEO Andy Monfried, Lotame is the leading independent provider of unstacked data solutions, helping publishers, media companies, brands, and agencies address diverse business challenges with data. The company has recently launched Cartographer, its new people-based ID solution that aims to address a number of pressing challenges facing digital advertisers. WNIP caught up with Chris Hogg, Lotame’s Managing Director EMEA to find out more…

What business problem is your company addressing?

We fully engage with the wider business of our clients to understand what they’re doing and what they’re trying to achieve. Lotame solves business problems that involve data and we do this by developing a strategic blueprint in relation to the client’s individual goals.

For publishers and media companies, those business challenges include advertising effectiveness and messaging, audience development, consumer marketing and new revenue stream generation such as data licensing. In the current climate with strict privacy laws and complex market dynamics, sustainability is top-of-mind for publishers, meaning innovative strategies around data and monetization are key. For brands and agencies, we’re assisting clients with customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

  • A UK publishing group was tasked by one of the main advertisers with a campaign to increase online ticket sales while decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) by 50%. Our client decided to use Lotame’s data management technologies to target the right audience to maximise campaign performance. Lotame helped the publisher collect a rich amount of first-party data which was then used to build audiences at higher eCPMs. Using Lotame’s platform to only send their campaign messaging to a highly targeted audience, they would be able to pay a higher eCPM for a more engaged audience, without increasing their overall spend. The results saw a 15% increase in eCPMs for Lotame’s client meaning an increase in revenue for ads sold. Additionally there was a 72% decrease in CPA surpassing the client’s initial goal of decreasing CPA by 50%.


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