Google built a digital Etch-A-Sketch that's just as hard to use as the real thing

Mashable 10 Jan 2019 05:10
My most successful Web-A-Skeb piece, in which I attempted to write
My most successful Web-A-Skeb piece, in which I attempted to write "MASH."
Image: screenshot: rachel kraus/mashable

Want to relive a frustrating yet addictive childhood experience? Now you can!

A Google Chrome Labs developer has built a web version of the classic Etch-A-Sketch. It's called Web-A-Skeb, which is a name that rocks. And I am happy to report that attempting to create anything with it is just as maddening as the original.

Google Chrome Labs is a group of "experimental projects" from the Chrome team created to showcase creativity in coding for Chrome. Earlier this year, the Chrome Music Lab debuted Song Maker, an application that lets anyone compose songs with a few clicks of your mouse.

The digital Etch-A-Sketch comes from developer Rowan Merewood, who introduced the project on Twitter (h/t Ars Technica).

Web-A-Skeb lets you do everything an original Etch-A-Sketch would. You turn the dials on the side to draw, and shake your device to erase. You can enter full screen mode (though that didn't work for me on my iPhone). And you can even go into ~Fancy~ mode, which lets you draw with colors.

Then I decided to simplify and just go for the heart. Better, but still heinous. The hubris of going for curved edges...

Wow, the internet can still be fun guys! Faith = restored.

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