It's 'Ooooofficial': Fintech brand SumUp debuts first work by Wonderhood Studios

Campaign 09 Jun 2021 03:41

Fintech brand SumUp has launched an oooooh-inspiring campaign showcasing the perks of cashless payments for small businesses.

Created by Wonderhood Studios, “Ooooofficial” begins as a business owner in the middle of a transaction reveals to a customer that they now take card payments, inspiring clients, locals and even the odd water feature to let out a long-winded oooooh.

The TV ad launched today (9 June) alongside radio, digital and outdoor activity, while a second spot is set to launch on 16 June.

It was created by Ruud Kool and Stefan Van Zoggel, and directed by Thomas Ormonde through MindsEye. Media is handled by All Response Media.

“We are looking to create an emotional reaction with this brand campaign and get people talking about SumUp, but also spark small merchants to get excited to proudly accept card payments,” Isabel Clifford, brand marketing manager at SumUp, said.

“The concept from Wonderhood Studios captures this in a memorable way that will get merchants and their customers talking."

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