Havas Sports & Entertainment, Haymarket Automotive Studio and the International Paralympic Committee are Digiday Media Awards Europe winners in 2021

Digiday 10 Jun 2021 02:00
digiday media awards europe
June 10, 2021 by Digiday Awards

The 2021 Digiday Media Awards Europe honors the companies, technologies and campaigns that have modernized European media over the past year. This year’s finalists proved they could produce impactful, innovative and topical work and programs, even as they navigated business challenges created by privacy laws — and the pandemic.

This year’s winners pivoted in times of uncertainty, but they also listened to what the data had to tell them. This led to an ever-expanding range of platform choices, channel approaches and audience engagement tactics. It prompted our winners to dive into issues that mattered to their constituencies and to modernize and modify their messaging based on the ways customers turned to e-commerce and social media as a baseline for the shopping journey.

Among the judges’ picks this year, Havas Sports & Entertainment partnered with Puma and walked away with Best Virtual Event for the French rapper Alonzo’s virtual musical tour. In the middle of the pandemic and lockdowns, Alonzo touched down in the video game ‘GTA V’ for a fully in-world performance. The virtual experience opened up a world of connections that only the digital space can offer. In the end, Havas stood out with a campaign that brought light to dark times, gave an artist back to his fans and pushed the envelope in terms of what virtual can do for brands going forward.

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