‘You can’t show empathy over email’: Business leaders turn to internal podcasts to stay connected with workforces

Digiday 10 Jun 2021 04:01
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June 10, 2021 by Jessica Davies

Maintaining a strong, positive work culture in a virtual-only environment has been a challenge for all businesses during the last year of enforced remote working. To try and keep employees emotionally engaged and motivated, businesses have turned increasingly to internal podcasts.

Some CEOs have seized on the format as a way to try and share more about themselves with staff, or to handle communicating their response on difficult, often emotional topics — from job security to mental health to racial and societal injustice. 

“The pandemic created a communication crisis for businesses,” said Nazir Ul-Ghani, head of Workplace from Facebook, for EMEA. “At a time when the world became more isolated and distant almost overnight, companies needed to share important information more urgently and efficiently than ever. The situation was only intensified on the frontline, where the workers most exposed to the virus and in need of updates often didn’t have a way to connect with company HQ.”

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