How to go mobile-first when promoting your brand

Fourth Source 05 Jun 2019 12:38

Considering the fact that 80% of the global web traffic is taking place on smartphones, many of the first virtual interactions that customers have with companies is through their mobile device. Therefore, the mobile UX that companies offer should be a top priority for all businesses so that customers have a positive experience from initial search query to a final conversion.

It is incredibly important to note that Google’s own research found the vast majority of consumers agreed that they would refuse to buy from a company that offered a poor mobile experience through their website. However, ninety percent of customers who had a great mobile experience would recommend that brand to others.

Since the mobile experience is so critical to today’s consumers, it is wise to adopt a mobile-first approach to your brand’s promotion. However, you need to make sure that your mobile features match up to consumer expectations and offer them the kind of experience that is conducive to conversions.

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