Keeping sensitive marketing content secure in the digital world

Fourth Source 10 Sep 2019 08:00

Working in a marketing, PR, sales or advertising role involves a lot of trust. In an agency, clients will be putting their intellectual property and brand into the hands of others and trusting them to do the right thing by it. It’s very similar for those that work in those disciplines in an inhouse capacity – they have confidential content and information and are trusted to keep it secure until the time is right for the campaign to go live.

Any marketing content is therefore confidential and sensitive and needs to be protected accordingly. It’s also true that the nature of global advertising or marketing campaigns in 2019 are vastly different to even just 10 years ago. There is much more localisation and personalisation than ever before, and any campaign would typically have hundreds of adaptations – a version of a master asset customised for use in a particular region. This can mean potentially thousands of versions of massive files, digital media assets that need localising, approving, adapting and more.

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NuxeoUri Kogan