Why PR Is Fundamental in Scaling Your Business Rapidly

Entrepeneur 20 Nov 2020 06:15
Why PR Is Fundamental in Scaling Your Business Rapidly
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"If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations." —Bill Gates

Every year, millions of startups are launched across the world, each with its own unique selling point, each with a new solution. We hear about some of them, but some we never find out about. These startups use all the latest technology, understand the basic business principles and spend months, if not years, perfecting their services or product.

Many of these businesses show early-stage promise. They have customers, their technology works or their service is being bought. Where they lack or get stuck is scaling that initial success and interest from their target audience. Translating that potential into a successful and established business is where most entrepreneurs struggle.

This is where PR comes into play, and every entrepreneur should invest in it. Here’s why.

1. Build confidence in your brand

If your brand is part of conversations, your target audience is psychology pressured to engage with you simply because all of their friends and family are doing the same.  Facebook wasn’t always the tech giant it is today; neither was its tech as exquisite as it is today. Yet, because some people were on Facebook, and Facebook was able to create a digital lifestyle unlike any other platform, two people using Facebook meant that their friends felt that they were missing out on that lifestyle or experience.

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