Why Email Marketing Is Better for Your Business Than Social Media

Entrepeneur 23 Feb 2021 03:00
Why Email Marketing Is Better for Your Business Than Social Media
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With the dominance of social media marketing, sending traditional, plain text emails might seem old-fashioned. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when it comes to bringing in new customers and keeping old ones engaged and profitable -- email marketing is more powerful than ever.

Even though new technology springs up every day, having an email list is still one of the best ways to generate leads, build awareness, make sales and increase conversions. Neglect email as part of your digital marketing strategy, and you’ll be missing out on a ton of potential business opportunities.

In an era where big tech companies are censoring content daily, and businesses can’t do anything about it, building an email list becomes not just a marketing accessory but a necessity. Here are six compelling reasons why.

1. You own the list

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social medium, your email list is yours, and nobody can take it from you. This is the first and most important reason an email list is better than any social media.

Don’t forget -- the purpose of your emails is not to sell but to inform. With every newsletter you send, you should be looking to educate your audience about your field of expertise while building trust at the same time.


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