The real-time future of audience engagement

What's New in Publishing 13 Oct 2021 07:00

When Covid took in-person sports, concerts and parties off the table, audiences took matters into their own hands. We saw how quickly they figured out how to enable existing tools and platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch and Discord for live experiences. It’s easy to recognize how massively real-time audiences have grown. 

The logical – but challenging – next step is to build new platforms to go deeper into the kinds of interactivity audiences now expect from these experiences. These business models need to monetize, rather than just provide unique interactivity.   

Moving beyond digital ad support 

Creators and tech providers need to think beyond the digital ad-supported model. Big Tech and regulatory privacy change increasingly complicate that model – and in any case, it’s suitable for only part of the live-streaming experience.

For example, Live Play Mobile sees three threads they’re “braiding” together: the ad-supported business (like what you’d get with a TV game show); transactional free-to-play (from the gaming world, where 24/7 engagement is possible); and the recognition economy (monetizing talent/fan interactions).

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