Amazon workers could be watching you in your home

Telegraph 10 Oct 2019 05:06

Amazon has been accused of watching footage from its customers' CCTV cameras in a move likely to reignite concerns over whether the US tech giant is violating people's privacy.

Amazon's "Cloud Cam" devices, which are only currently available in the US, are cameras which record and stream video whenever they detect motion, and can be used by people for security purposes as well as pet monitors.

They are tied in to Amazon's Alexa digital assistant, meaning customers are able to access the footage using voice commands.

However, as well as people being able to watch their own streams and recordings, clips from the cameras have also reportedly been sent to Amazon workers in India and Romania, once they are submitted by customers. 

According to Bloomberg, those workers are reviewing the footage to help train the artificial intelligence behind the systems so that it can better detect threats, annotating the clips so the AI starts to learn what objects are. 

Bloomberg said some of the workers watch around 150 clips per day, which come from both Amazon testers of the technology as well as customers who submit clips to troubleshoot issues with the devices.

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