“Something really important is happening”: Casey Newton on going solo with a paid newsletter

What's New in Publishing 15 Oct 2020 06:10

This week, we hear from Casey Newton, founder of Platformer. He was previously The Verge’s long-time Silicon Valley editor, where his newsletter The Interface grew to 20,000 subscribers. Now, he’s gone solo with his own paid Substack newsletter Platformer. He talks to us about what made him decide to take the plunge, how his first week with his new newsletter has gone, and what a Platformer podcast model would look like. He also discusses where he sees platform regulation ending up after more than a decade of covering the tech giants, and shares the first steps he would take to fix them if he was put in charge.

In the news roundup the team discusses whether coronavirus will have a long-lasting impact on trust in journalism. We also discuss the sale of Quartz, Stylist’s move away from being a free magazine in favour of distribution through Ocado, and how one Arkansas title reduced churn to 1%. Pod save the Queen.

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On what pushed him to go solo

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