Apple closes down open rate tracking: The Media Roundup

What's New in Publishing 09 Jun 2021 07:00

Have you opened this email? Soon, we won’t know.

Apple has announced that they are introducing Mail Privacy Protection for their Mail app. This will stop people from using invisible ‘pixels’ to collect information about the user, which will mean senders won’t be able to tell whether you’ve opened an email or not.

This essentially signals the end of open rate tracking. Adam Tinworth explains what the tracking pixel block means for email senders, and speculates that Apple are likely to turn this on by default, given their track record.

Apple closes down open rate tracking

The block will only apply to people using Apple’s own mail apps. But it still means that a chunk of recorded opens are about to go away for most newsletter publishers. Time to look for alternative ways of measuring email engagement…!

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Adam Tinworth
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