MediaCom launches data-based tool to drive creative performance by up to 50%

Campaign 24 Nov 2021 10:02

A new tool that has been shown to improve the digital performance of ads by up to 50% has been launched by MediaCom.

The Creative Analytics system utilises data on how consumers respond to creativity within ads to help clients make better creative and media decisions for programmatic display, search, social and video campaigns, according to its developers.

It offers a suite of functions aimed at improving creative layouts for display ads, suggesting creative territories that will boost engagement and predicting the success of campaigns in advance.

As part of the tool, a new “emotional” AI algorithm, “Daivid”, will be offered, which will feed data on attention and emotional response to ads into the main system. It uses facial coding, eye tracking, machine learning, computer vision and “emotional categorisation”. 

The Creative Analytics tool has already been trialled with a number of MediaCom clients, showing digital performance can be boosted by up to 50%, according to the WPP-owned agency. It will now be rolled out to all WPP agencies.

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