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What's New in Publishing 16 Oct 2020 08:00

Why publishers are building their own podcasting apps, lessons from lockdown at Bauer Media, and more

Building loyalty during COVID

Many publishers have seen spikes in traffic over the past 6 months, as consumers have sought out coronavirus-related information, or, alternatively, distractions to the crisis.

This week, we look at four ways publishers are now focusing on keeping those new (and existing) audiences on board, building loyalty with new products, offering premium services, tweaking paywalls and more.

One example is new COVID-related products, which are proving a valuable gateway to other content and services. Coronavirus newsletters go beyond just meeting an immediate consumer need; they are also an opportunity to build a long-term connection, as well as highlight non-COVID content.

What is noticeable is that few of the examples are brand new or revolutionary. The techniques are tried and tested, but they are effective now as they are being adapted to meet changing – and pandemic-emerging – needs.

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