What the latest changes to Google Search will mean for advertisers

Digiday 23 Nov 2021 03:23
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Darshan Kantak, vice president, product management, search ads and Google Ads experiences, Google

Every day, billions of people turn to Google to search for answers to questions big and small. Among those searches it’s the complex tasks — like planning a family vacation or fixing a broken appliance — that are the most challenging to solve. 

Complex tasks require a broadening and narrowing of searches to explore a topic or find an answer. In fact, it takes people eight searches on average to complete complex tasks. 

Google’s recent Search On event highlighted how innovations in AI are helping make the world’s information more helpful, while empowering people to tackle complex tasks faster and easier than ever before. And that has implications for not just consumers but also marketers trying to reach them.

New milestones for understanding information

Since the announcement of Multitask Unified Model (MUM) earlier this year, Google’s consumer teams have been experimenting with its capabilities to help solve complex tasks. 

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