The Emergence of Killware, the Lethal Malware

Gartner 21 Jul 2021 02:37

OT Security

Cyber-Physical Systems are all around us today. Operational Technology (OT), a subset of the concept of Cyber-Physical Systems, has been used for decades in asset intensive industries like Oil & Gas and Manufacturing. It also plays a key role in Critical National Infrastructure like energy, water, transport and dams.  The rise of consumer based Cyber-Physical Systems like smart thermostats and autonomous vehicles led to a ubiquitous Cyber-Physical Systems world.

Digital transformation and the optimization of business processes drive organizations to evolve the connectivity between IT and the OT, the industrial control systems. This creates business benefits but it also increases the risk.  For some time, we have been at the beginning of an era in which this risk includes loss of life.

The attack on the Oldsmar water treatment facility shows that security attacks on operational technology are not just made up in Hollywood anymore. The world has seen real incidents where events originating in the digital world had an impact on the physical world.

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