The 10 data you should know about your customers

Entrepeneur 19 Jul 2021 02:36
The 10 data you should know about your customers
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Large companies allocate large budgets to know their consumers : market research, databases, tests, surveys, product testing, etc., however, these tools are out of the reach of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by the costs that represent them, what can they do then?

A consumer is a person who demands your products or services to satisfy certain needs, if your business manages to do it in the right way it will be laying a pillar for its success, otherwise it will be building its failure.

However, SMEs have two advantages over large corporations with respect to customers. One of them is the proximity with them, so they can know first-hand what their tastes and consumer preferences are and generate a relationship, create links with benefits for each of the parties involved.

This data can be stored in a CRM program, for analysis to later create an offer more focused on your tastes and preferences, and even for the customization of offers.

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