Product Managers Should be Product Mentors

Gartner 20 Nov 2020 09:00

As product management continues to mature as a profession (see Product Managers Must Become “Masters of Product”), we need to understand that not everyone in our companies understands what it means to “think like a product manager”. They need someone to guide them in maturing and altering their perspectives and approaches so that the product manager can narrow their focus to those key activities critical to discovering and solving valuable customer problems.

This transition isn’t an easy one — and the people best positioned to lead that transition are the people who are already thinking in this way. To become “masters of product”, product managers must first provide product mentorship to others in their organization. They need to teach their development teams to think about the customer first, not the technology. They need to teach their sales organizations to think about how the products they sell solve customer problems and not just about bringing in the next big deal. They need to teach executives that while their vision is important, it needs to be based on actual customer input and feedback, and not on the whims or beliefs of the executives themselves.

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