How the top 3 marketing tricks of 2020 can make Halloween a treat

The Drum 24 Sep 2020 09:00

Upshot Agency’s Lisa Hurst talks us through some of her favorite marketing campaigns of 2020, explaining the tricks that can be taken from them and how they can help make Halloween a treat.

Let’s face it, this will be the strangest Halloween in history. Families are concerned about balancing fun and safety. So how do we tackle this challenge? With marketing of course. Here are three of the year’s best marketing ideas for inspiration.

1. Bring Halloween into the home with a hub

Inspiration from Walmart’s ‘Camp by Walmart’.

While a mask may be inherently distancing friendly, chances are kids won’t be popping up at strangers’ doorsteps or bobbing for apples at a school sponsored event this year. But fear not! You can still downsize the party while upsizing the fun by offering consumers a digital home Halloween hub that they can turn to for activities, recipes, games and a panoply of inspiration.

Current example:

2. Sponsor socially distanced Halloween events, even if it’s in a parking lot

Brands can creatively curate events that organically lend themselves to safety measures, rather than sponsoring events that feel scaled back to account for the pandemic – which can make the holiday feel deflated or eerie (and not in the fantastical, fun Halloween way, either). How about horror movie night?

Distancing friendly events also provide the opportunity to make what could’ve been perceived as a massive, cookie-cutter experience feel ultra-personalized. While others may be somewhat near attendees in proximity, distancing inherently makes people feel that something is happening just to them. Find ways to capitalize on this with nuance, emphasizing that personalization and uniqueness rather than making attendees feel solitary.

Super League Gaming – a global leader in competitive video gaming and esports entertainment – has launched a virtual Halloween experience. Its ’Minehut Halloween Spooktacular’ will feature a custom designed escape room, a haunted house and mazes. It will also feature community virtual events built entirely in Minecraft, such as pumpkin carving and even trick or treating, allowing kids to safely experience all the festivities Halloween has to offer.

Inspiration from Burger King’s ’Tiny Tinie Performs Whoppa on a Whopper’.

Current example:

Brands have an opportunity to take inspiration from these nimble but imaginative responses to 2020’s challenging environment. Consider how your brand can excite the ghouls, goblins, tiny Avengers, teen witches and all the other revelers in search of a safe but creative and escapist Halloween this year.

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