B2B Marketing's Power Problem Is Not Just Marketing's Problem

Gartner 23 Feb 2021 08:29

Let’s face it and own it.   B2B Marketing is not viewed with a tremendous amount of respect in most organizations–and across the industry.   We regularly hear stories of sales superlatives or a brilliant product “selling itself,” but rarely hear the same stories for marketing.   In many cases, it is treated as a necessary evil.   That view often extends beyond the org.   When I was a VP Of Marketing for several startups, I had to change my title to VP of Marketing and Strategy in order to get analysts to view me with any credibility.

As we work with clients, we regularly see examples where they are interested in following or recommendations, but often seem powerless to do so.   This drove us to try to figure out just how bad the power problem is.   We surveyed 175 senior marketing leaders (VP or Above) in technology companies to understand how much of a say they have in their organizations (My colleague, Christy Ferguson, has published research on this for organizational leaders).   The results were not surprising—many don’t have much say or much power.  Even in terms of their own efforts

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Christy Ferguson