Facebook rolls out fact-checking operation in UK

Guardian Technology 11 Jan 2019 10:05
People protesting in Westminster last year during the appearance of a Facebook executive at an inquiry into fake news. Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA

Facebook’s fact-checking operation is launching in the UK, with the independent charity Full Fact selected to be the first British publisher to review and rate the accuracy of content on the social network.

Posts, links and videos that have been flagged as false will be marked as such to users, and people will be warned if a post they are about to share has been found to be false, but no one will be stopped from sharing or reading any content, false or not.

However, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm does intervene to demote false content, ensuring that it reaches fewer people than it would otherwise.

“People don’t want to see false news on Facebook, and nor do we,” said Sarah Brown, a training and news literacy manager for the company. “We’re delighted to be working with an organisation as reputable and respected as Full Fact to tackle this issue. By combining technology with the expertise of our fact-checking partners, we’re working continuously to reduce the spread of misinformation on our platform.”

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