Everything you need to know about Firework, the TikTok competitor Google wants to buy

Digiday 09 Oct 2019 04:00

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported Google was mulling the acquisition of social media app Firework, a move seen as countering the rise of TikTok.

Firework, which just launched in March, is the creation of Redwood City, California-based Loop Now Technologies, which was valued at more than $100 million in its last funding round, a round that generated $11.3 million. Google isn’t the only company reportedly eyeing Firework, either. The Wall Street Journal noted that China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, is also interested in Firework, but Firework’s talks with Google are further along.

What’s Firework?
A free smartphone app, Firework enables its users to find, create, and share homemade 30-second videos. It also features its own original content series. Firework curates these short videos from unlikely sources for its users, organizing them by content type and trending topics, using machine learning and human curators to tailor suggested content based on their personal interests.

To encourage users to share content, Firework enables them to collect and repost videos on Firework and other online platforms, and weekly sponsored hashtag contests encourage users to create related video content in exchange for cash prizes or to fundraise money for social causes.

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