A Spanish ad company wants to standardize OOH traffic metrics using satellites

Digiday 20 Jul 2021 04:01
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July 20, 2021 by Michael Bürgi

There’s a new player in traffic metrics in out-of-home media, and it’s using satellites to count cars passing billboards.

Spanish company Cuende, which specializes in OOH measurement, launched a platform in the U.S. on Monday called MetricOOH. The tool uses satellite imagery to assess all traffic in a given zone, of up to 3,500 square miles then feeds it into machine learning technology to count the number of vehicles passing a given billboard. It ultimately determines which billboard locations are most valuable based on the propensity of the vehicles going past.

Daniel Cuende, MetricOOH’s manager, said the company today is announcing its first American client, the Independent Billboard Operators, aka IBOUSA. IBO is a cooperative of small OOH companies that include 90,000 rural and regional signs (both digital and static) in 170 markets across the middle of the country.

Luckily for Cuende, IBO’s general manager Chris Cowlbeck, sits on the board of the Media Rating Council, the industry body that hands out accreditation to those measurement systems that meet its criteria. And Cuende is looking for that validation, having already completed a pre-assessment phase of the accreditation process.

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