Today Pinterest Ads arrives in Mexico. We tell you how to use them to advertise

Entrepeneur 03 May 2021 06:27
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Pinterest announced the arrival in Mexico of its ad service, Pinterest Ads , for all companies in the republic.

In this way, Mexico became the first Hispanic country in Latin America to receive this platform, after its launch in Brazil. Through a statement, the social network indicated that in the coming weeks it will be working closely with advertising agencies and selected brands to build good practices and local success stories.

The interest of the social network in the national market is not surprising since only in Mexico it has 23 million unique monthly users. According to the brand, people use Pinterest to discover ideas: for their wardrobe, for their new home, for their next vacation.

Image: Pinterest

"97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which is why the service is such an effective place to reach people while they are still considering their next purchase and haven't decided on a brand. Pinterest is one of rare platforms where it is really possible for brands to interact with new customers who are intentional, open and make purchasing decisions, "the social network said in a statement.

Find more information on the official Pinterest page of Mexico .

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