UGC: a marketer’s secret weapon to converting more shoppers

Fourth Source 02 Aug 2019 08:00

A brand’s greatest asset is its customers. Costly to acquire and challenging to retain, loyal customers are also powerful ambassadors who can help their peers discover new brands and ultimately become customers themselves. Whilst this may be marketing 101, many brands are still failing to truly tap into the benefits of word-of-mouth. This is particularly true when it comes to user generated content (UGC).

In today’s image and social media driven world, where consumers are capturing and sharing snippets from their lives every day, the opportunities to leverage UGC in marketing are vast. From Instagram to YouTube, happy shoppers are eager to share their experiences with a product, which can have a huge impact on driving others to purchase.

A brand will spend significant budget on generating appealing and eye-catching imagery, but our recent study indicates that almost one third of consumers actually prefer to see UGC over professional shots. Despite the role it can play in engaging more consumers, just 16% of retail brands leverage UGC in their email and web marketing. This ultimately means they are missing out on effective ways to increase sales.

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