Building a robust playbook for subscription businesses: Publisher insights from FT Strategies

What's New in Publishing 24 Nov 2021 07:33

This week we hear from Tara Lajumoke, Managing Director of FT Strategies, the Financial Times’ consulting firm. We discussed how FT Strategies fits into the FT’s wider goals, what her role involves as MD, and how they’re building a robust playbook for other subscription businesses. We also talk about how publishers’ subscription strategies are holding up after the pandemic.

In the news round up, Peter and Esther discuss Spotify’s paid podcast tools, Axios’ early expansion of its local newsletters into 11 new locations, and why we still care about magazine covers.

Here are some highlights:

What FT Strategies’ priorities have been since launching

The first thing is building a robust playbook. We work with many organisations who are fairly sophisticated in their own right, so they’ve done a lot of interesting work around building winning business models and developing their tactics on retention and acquisition.

What we therefore need to do is really help them move the needle, and tackle ambitious, complex challenges and opportunities. And to do that, we have built a really exciting set of strategies, and a methodology to help them cross this next phase of their journey, which for many of the clients we work with is around building resilient business models that can certainly not only survive the current crisis, but thrive through it and beyond.

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