How LV= revamped its approach to search

Marketing Week 07 Jan 2019 03:36

When LV= launched its multi-car product it was clear the company faced some major challenges to break into this competitive new category and strengthen market share. Despite being an established brand for car insurance, multi-car insurance was a new area for the business and LV= had to take on some well-established competitors.

LV= knew that key to this campaign would be driving search performance and getting people to its website but this was something the the business realised required a communications overhaul.

Historically, marketing, PR, content and social all worked in silos along with their respective agencies but for the new campaign LV= formed a team that included all parties. This proved difficult to begin with but led to an integrated approach across SEO, content, PR and social, supporting its wider ‘From the Heart’ campaign.

The TV ad was created with search in mind, inviting consumers to ‘come direct to’. It followed this up with PR activity that encouraged consumers to think more about their second car and to associate multi-car hire with LV= more generally. The campaign was a success leading the brand to win the Search award at the Marketing Week Masters 2018.

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