Why You Must Follow These 6 Basic Marketing Rules

Entrepeneur 28 Apr 2020 02:00

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Why You Must Follow These 6 Basic Marketing Rules
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The following excerpt is from Dan S. Kennedy and Kim Walsh Phillips's No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing, Second Edition. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound

There are just a few plain and simple direct-marketing rules to follow, and by committing to them, you’ll reap the long-term benefits you desire and develop a long-lasting business foundation.

These basics are skipped by most businesses using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as their primary sources of communication. Realize you have choices, and you can make your marketing dollars work harder for you by offering people more than one reason and more than one means of responding to you.

However many channels you market in, there are six basic rules you need to understand in order to succeed. These foundational concepts must be fully comprehended, practiced, managed and enforced.

1. There will always be an offer

There’s a popular saying out there that content is king. I would disagree. The sale is king. Without it, you have no market share and no kingdom to rule over. Your social media marketing needs to have an offer, telling your ideal prospects exactly what to do and why they want to do it right now. It should be irresistible and time sensitive, and it should give them some type of transformative value if they take action.

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