What to Do When You Wake Up to a PR Crisis

Entrepeneur 23 Mar 2020 05:30

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What to Do When You Wake Up to a PR Crisis
Image credit: Mariakray | Getty Images

A PR crisis is likely to strike when you least expect it. You’re hit with an ugly lawsuit. A health hazard derails your supply chain. Your CFO said something offensive on a panel and it went viral. Ordinarily, you'd be delighted to wake up and see your company in the news, but if the news is bad, it’s a PR crisis.

They say ‘there’s no bad press.’ But after coaching hundreds of clients through their darkest days of PR, I can attest they are wrong. "Cancel culture" is real. Customers are willing to boycott on little or no provocation, and companies are being held to increasingly higher ethical standards as the internet keeps consumers informed. Bad press is a bad way to start any morning, but sometimes it happens. So what do you do in a crisis PR situation? First of all, don’t panic. After you’ve taken a few deep breaths, consider these steps.

Very important: Nowhere in this process is there room for coverup, spin or dodging. Companies are run by humans, and we are imperfect, by our very definition. A crisis is your chance to show the world how you handle mishaps. Do it with grace, accountability and a willingness to make amends. Maybe you can even turn the situation into good news and better press in the end.

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