“Little in the way of direct relationships with readers”: Why The New York Times cut Apple News out

What's New in Publishing 30 Jun 2020 11:30

“It’s time to re-examine all of our relationships with the big platforms.”

Earlier this year, we reported about trouble brewing in the Apple News universe, and the growing industry consensus that Apple’s “News+ appears to be a flop.”

There’s little of news in News+, and certain potential groundbreaking innovations that may have breathed new life into the service, are yet to see the light of day outside Apple Park. 

The free version of Apple News offers a much larger array of news, of course, and one of its strengths is the association with some very big-name publishers. But now even that pillar seems to be crumbling. 

The New York Times has announced that it is exiting its partnership with Apple’s news aggregator, and its articles will no longer appear in the curated Apple News feed.

Apple News does not align with our strategy to fund quality journalism by building direct relationships with paying readers,” a New York Times spokesperson said.

We believe quality publishers should be fairly compensated for the expensive proposition of creating and providing platforms valuable independent journalism.

In the last year, 18 months, we’re thinking really hard about all of our relationships in this context,” she added.

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