Back to the Future of Work

Gartner 12 Oct 2021 09:00

Marty navigates yet another day as a warehouse sorter, managing the constant flow of inventory and preparing it for delivery. He mindlessly rubs at the dull ache he feels in his lower back, when suddenly he hears three metallic pops and the screeching of rubber tires outside one of the open loading doors. Marty runs to the loading dock and what he sees stops him in his tracks: Himself. He watches as his more wrinkled, white-haired self, climbs out of a beat-up DeLorean and sprints in his direction.

Panting, older Marty grabs younger Marty’s shoulders and exclaims, “Marty! We have to fix it! If we don’t fix the way work is designed today, our future is… doomed.”

Perhaps we need our own internal Marty to grab our shoulders and shake us awake amid our current talent crisis. Time travel might not be possible (yet), but you don’t need a time machine to know that talent attraction and retention of supply chain workers will only continue to get harder, particularly if we continue with our current approaches.

Answering these questions will allow us to prepare for the future of work and save ourselves from thinking too narrowly about talent opportunities.

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