Enterprise Attention Management, An Alternative to Information Overload, at the 2021 Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

Gartner 03 May 2021 01:17

I was pleased to present an update to my enterprise attention management concept at this year’s Gartner Digital Workplace Summit. The session is “Four Principles Digital Workplace Leaders Need to Help Workers Get Past Information Overload” and it fits into the overall conference theme of Happier, Faster, Smarter.

While I’ve been talking about enterprise attention management for quite a while, I am sensing a potential inflection point due to interest in employee experience, improvements in machine learning, and the rethinking of work caused by the pandemic. 

Information Overload is a difficult problem since there are four interrelated groups involved (see Information Overload: We Can Only Make Headway Through Attention Management From All Sides).  But software providers are starting to take advantage of the opportunities to use user preferences, company-supplied rules, simple heuristics, or AI to shine a spotlight when their systems have important insights to share.  “Guided attention” should become an expectation of buyers or developers evaluating any new software they plan to put in front of their workers.

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