Localization Strategies to Maintain Customer Loyalty During the Covid-19 Shutdown

Fourth Source 20 Apr 2020 08:00

Localization and other digital marketing strategies will allow most businesses to retain customer (and even employee) loyalty during the economic and social shutdown resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic. The global economic and medical crises together also present opportunities for the savvy marketing professional to capitalize on the current scenario and increase their potential customer base, using tried and proven marketing strategies.

You have worked hard, built up your business, and then, like a case of Little Miss Muffet gone wrong, along comes a virus that plopped down beside us, forcing us our separate ways. The 2020 global coronavirus pandemic will go down in history for many things, not the least of which appears to be all the makings for an unprecedented global recession.

In a never before seen scenario, this recession is not a result of junk bonds and major financial institutions, but one which strikes at the very heart of the middle class people all over the world. The global Covid-19 shutdown has forced people around the world to self-isolate, practice social distancing and even to live with full quarantine restrictions in some places.

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