10 tips for media to get into AI

What's New in Publishing 25 Nov 2021 08:00

Key strategies for publishers to leverage AI and advance their newsrooms

There are a lot of conversations on how publishers can leverage AI to improve their processes, free up their staff from mundane tasks and deliver better journalism. While useful in practice, these discussions often lack clear next steps and a roadmap of moving from the idea to implementation. Here are 10 tips of how your team can get into AI (and stay there):

1. Set a 5-year vision

A five-year plan will help you set the right goals and path to implement the vision. Major change comes from top management – not some obscure lab or engineering team. Fully embracing AI adoption can get people on board and reduce friction.

But it’s hard to break old habits. Training takes time. Introduce change gradually, but persistently. Make results visible. The company you want to see will slowly take shape.

2. Assign a single, responsible team leader

Tackling machine learning projects can start from any corner of the organisation. But without an identifiable point of contact – visible and accountable – it is easy to lose focus. A single responsible person, outside the current organisation structure, should work across different areas (newsroom, sales, product etc.) and make them feel part of the process of building new digital skills. Moreover, the responsible person can propose, analyse and prioritise opportunities with the greatest impact for the entire organisation.

5. Set realistic timeframes (but finish the 1st project in 3 months)

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