The path to precision: How marketers are enhancing measurement through CTV

Digiday 24 Nov 2021 04:19
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Beau Ordemann, head of advanced TV sales, Yahoo 

App scrolling has replaced channel surfing as the new normal on a TV screen. No longer an emerging environment, connected TV has quickly grown to become a leading channel in the advertising industry.

Wherever audiences go, advertisers are sure to follow. But with this rapid growth comes new challenges. Managing and activating TV budgets across platforms is no simple task. Understanding the performance and impact of these disparate media buys is even more difficult. 

To maximize media investments in 2022 and beyond, marketers are demanding more accurate ways to understand CTV viewership and ROI. In the following sections, the steps they’re taking to achieve those outcomes include considerations of currency, household-level data and ways to approach incremental reach across audience living rooms — and their screens.

Historically, TV measurement has been restricted partly because of limitations in the panel-based standard currency used for TV advertising. This type of measurement provided modeled age and gender ad exposure data but didn’t enable the level of precision available in digital advertising. 

The CTV ecosystem is fragmented and, in the absence of a single source of truth in TV measurement, partnership and innovation become critical factors for success. Holistic and trusted measurement comes from forming strong partnerships across the advanced TV landscape. With the right tools and partners in place — and a focus on transparency and flexibility alongside the measurement solutions needed to quantify the outcomes — advertisers will be able to unlock CTV’s tremendous growth opportunity in the future.

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