Learn From Mercedes-Benz's Reputation-Damaging Mistake in the Chinese Market

Entrepeneur 03 May 2021 05:30
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Naming a business isn’t as meaningful or as significant as naming a child. But it evokes a similar feeling. This is, if things go well, your legacy: a business that could outlive you, providing innovation, service and support for staff members for decades to come. You’ll want to make sure to choose a name worthy of the enterprise.  

On top of that, your choice in name could impact whether the business accelerates to impressive, dominant heights or whether it fades into obscurity within years of launch.  

That’s a lot of pressure – and not much room for error. 

Why your business name matters 

Your business name will have a substantial impact on your business’s success in several different ways:

  • First impressions. What are people going to think when they hear this name or see it written for the first time? This is going to kick off the brand-consumer relationship, so it shouldn't be taken lightly.   

  • Memory and relationship. Ideally, your business name . If it’s unique, catchy and interesting enough, your customers will be much more likely to remember it, talk about it and engage with the brand more directly.  

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be a rushed decision. Unless you’re experiencing a major time crunch, you can usually spend a few weeks, or even a few months, whittling down your list of prospective names, doing your research and coming to a final decision. Use that time wisely and give your business the best possible start — with a name that will last it forever.  

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