Six ways travel companies can adapt their strategies to reach a domestic audience

The Drum 07 Jul 2020 11:00
By Richard Wheaton-07 July 2020 12:00pm

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As we emerge from lockdown, there is huge uncertainty about the readiness of British families to get back into the holiday booking mindset. But as a travel company, can you afford to be on the wrong side of a booking surge if it occurs?

My expectation is that it will be a tale of two countries in the summer of 2020: for those on the furlough scheme or who have already been made redundant, it remains a time of huge uncertainty and worry. However, those still in jobs are likely to have more spending money than ever, due to being forced to stay in for months. It may be an exceptional circumstance, but this also represents an exceptional opportunity for travel companies to tap into this huge pent up demand.

So what are the key factors travel companies should consider in these unusual times?

A first consideration may be a pivot to targeting UK customers at this time, and away from the traditional focus on the high margins we are used to earning from international visitors coming to these shores. It may not be a total pivot to target UK consumers, but many travel companies will do well to learn quickly about the tactics for winning business from the UK holiday-makers doing a full ‘staycation’ for the first time.

Set up reporting for the domestic market

Adapt digital ad copy and landing pages

Exhaust your own channels

React swiftly to the fast-moving news agenda

Ensure you adopt a mobile-first approach

While times are undeniably tough in today’s market, there is an opportunity for travel companies to adapt to the new situation and save their summer. By following the data and acting fast, they can reach new domestic customers and prove there is no place like home.

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